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Debt consolidation and bad credit go hand in hand. Here's what you do.

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Here's Johnny! Here's Debt Consolidation And Bad Credit!

The man is a debt consolidation and bad credit master

Do not front on Johnny Debt. He is the master of all he surveys. Right now he is getting ready to survey your financial situation. Ugly as it is, there is nothing a little customized debt consolidation or bad credit planning can not fix. After all, we are talking about J.D.

The question is pretty open ended. Johnny Debt would do a lot of people to help a lot of things. Or vice versa. Depending on the quantity and quality of ladies present. Heh heh heh. Hey. When you are a bad credit debt consolidation guru, you can mack on the girls and party all night long if you so choose. Most of the time, J.D. prefers to focus on his work. He is a bit of a homebody. But there are times when every man, woman and debt consolidation expert alike need to chill the f--k out and tie one on. So sometimes you will see J.D. at the club.

There he will be dispensing advice about debt consolidation, bad credit, money management and more -- doling it out like an ATM, baby. Which is how you can feel when you talk to him. Like someone is handing you money.

Let Johnny take you to a world of debt consolidation and bad credit glory

We said above that debt consolidation and bad credit go hand in hand. Well, we have to hand it to Johnny. He has done a heck of a job putting together this site, so that you can learn all about how you can pay off your balances once and for all. Then -- wait for the epic tie-in -- you can pay off all your debt in record time, and give yourself a hand! Oh, snaps, yo!

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